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When you need a lawyer, you're looking for an advocate who will try to make the legal hurdles ahead of you simpler, not more complicated. The Torok Law Office, PLLC, is dedicated to providing experienced, capable, and compassionate service for your legal needs.

Family Law

Family law ranges from divorce to alimony to child support and custody. Family law is one of the most difficult and challenging areas of legal practice, in part because emotions on both sides typically run very high, and a high percentage of marriage and property dissolution cases go to trial.

Having represented hundreds of family law clients over the course of his career, Greg Torok knows what it takes to not only successfully represent his clients, but also to handle every client effectively and compassionately. When you trust the Torok Law Office, you're getting a legal advocate and a trusted ally.
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Criminal Law

With experience as a judge, prosecutor, and defense attorney, Greg Torok is the model of a skilled criminal lawyer. Criminal law involves more than just arguing in court, it also requires negotiating skill, knowing when and what motions to file, and how to win over a jury.

Whether you're facing a DUI, drug possession, misdemeanor, or a felony, Greg Torok is here to make sure your case is handled the right way.
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Real Estate and Zoning

Whether you have a boundary dispute with a neighbor or are just looking for an attorney to look over your paperwork before buying that home or office space, you can count on Greg Torok to make sure you're being treated fairly and that your land agreements are honored. Torok formerly represented the Yuma County Planning and Zoning Committee, so he knows their language and how to make those laws work for you.
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General Civil Litigation

From contract law to liability, handling a civil court case can be just as complicated as handling a criminal case. It's important to find a lawyer who will relentlessly fight for you with expertise and quality legal strategy. Greg Torok is here for you.
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